Aug 14, 2020

Vacations vs. Staycations - The Ultimate Guide


Trtl Guest

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Staycations are the new way to vacation! But what actually is a staycation, and what’s the difference between a vacation and a staycation? Simply put, a staycation is a vacation where you stay at home! For some that means staying in and enjoying their local area during their vacation time, but for most, a staycation includes trips in and around your home country - including overnight stays. As our travel habits continue to change and develop, it’s safe to say that there’s been a huge increase in people taking up the staycation this summer, as well as a return to regular vacation activities too. So are you team vacation, or team staycation? Read on for our favourite things about the classic vacay and the new staycation trend, so you can have the best possible summer!

The Best Things About Vacations

Being away from home makes it easier to take a real break from work, chores and other responsibilities. A staycation can all too easily turn into just another week full of the kind of responsibilities you went on vacation to escape! Plus, on vacation you can always blame unanswered emails on dodgy hotel wifi. 

There’s less chance of running into someone you know. Sure, it’s possible that wherever you are - your annoying neighbours might pick the exact same resort, and even turn up in the room next door, but we bet it’s much less likely the further from home you travel. 

Vacations are all about trying something new! New sights, sounds, foods and experiences are some of the most exciting possibilities - especially when travelling somewhere you’ve never been before.

You can skill up and practice some new language skills. Ok, we know you’re on vacation to relax, but still - visiting new countries is the absolute best way to practice your language skills. 

Enjoying a change in the weather. No matter what your home climate, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping off the plane into a completely different temperature - plus it’s the best thing to brag about when you get in touch with home. 

Appreciating your home when you return. As the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder and there’s nothing quite like coming back to those familiar home comforts after some time away. 

The Best Things About Staycations

You don’t lose vacation time to travel. It can feel like such a waste of vacation days when you realise that actually, your first and last days of your trip are going to be entirely taken up with travel. Sticking local massively cuts down on your travel time. 

Bring your pets. Staycations are the best possible way for you and your furry companions to travel and see the world together, and you don’t have to deal with the silent treatment on your return. 

No jet lag. If vacations are all about rest and relaxation, how come we spend one or two days recovering for every time zone we cross? Unless your home country is particularly massive, a staycation cuts down on distance, and therefore jet lag meaning more time to do the things you enjoy!

Support your local economy. Staying closer to home means you can spend time and money at local attractions, cafe’s, bars and restaurants and support local business owners. 

Staycations are better for the environment. We can’t ignore the impact of all those long distance flights that deliver us to our favourite international destinations. If you’re looking to cut down on your carbon footprint, a staycation is a great place to start and bonus points if you manage to take public transport all or part of the way. 

Whether you’re planning a vacation or a staycation this year, the benefits of some time off and a break from our normal routines are absolutely essential to keeping ourselves healthy, happy and rested. We hope we’ve helped make the decision a little easier for you, and do get in touch to let us know if you’re planning a vacation or staycation this year - we’d love to hear your travel tips.